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In the 60's Machinings Gumer SL was founded, a company dedicated to developing all types of precision machining. Thanks to our qualified team and the last generation equipment, we offer a wide range of high quality products, always with the guarantee of more than 40 years of experience in the sector.

Continue growing and to respond the confidence deposited every day by our customers are our goals. Therefore, our desire to improve still present from the first day, ensuring the best results.


Our facilities are fully adapted. We have more than 1000m2 covering all kinds of machinery for machining and for assembling a huge variety of products, gears, prototype machinery, tools...

We are located at: C / Doctor Ferran 15-17 (Pol. Ind. Bufalvent) 08243 Manresa (Barcelona), SPAIN.

Machinings in general

MEGANIZADOS GUMER SL, always at the forefront, can offer you a wide variety of products, thanks to the latest machinery, always working with top quality materials:
Steels of all kinds, cast materials (iron, cast, aluminum, bronze, brass...), machinable plastics, Celotex ...


If the client needs, the product can be subjected to various treatments: temperates, blueds, zinc treatments...

By this way, we can offer high mechanical parts to withstand various types of forces that our clients demand.

Advances machinery

We give special priority to offer the most advanced machinery, to get the best results for our customers. From our research and planning department, we have developed several optimizations of production and machinery, to deliver the most advanced features, as our guide-bar machine for NC patented by us.

The guide-bar machine for NC turning, adaptable for any brand and model, is used for the intermediate step between the battery and the winch, thus affects for a more fast and effective production.


Our machines, fully adapted to the times, offer a uge range of multiple possibilities: milling centers, machining centers, numerical controls... Machines for second operations: milling, welding and gear machines... and many more.

We offer them at your disposal for any kind of precision work at affordable prices.


We dispose of several CNC machining for the production of all kinds of high quality parts.


Despite to provide several NC, we have conventional lathes for highly complex parts that need more specialized and personalized processes, and special lathes for large pieces of large size.


We have high-generation milling machines with all kinds of tools for professional results.

Gear Cutting

We have machinery for the gear cutting in order to develop all sorts of gears from a variety of materials, thanks to the various processes.

Planning and Development

With the help of our technical department, we plan and structure the steps in order to develop the project, down to the last detail, obtaining the best outcome. If the client wishes, we also contact a specialized technical office in the design of machinery.

Once you have set the standard, the project goes to the machining area, where our experienced operators start to shape in compliance with all quality protocols.

Quality control

Our quality department, present at all times in the development of the project, makes extensive tests to immediately detect any possible anomaly that could affect the proper development of it, ensuring the best result in the final product. Clean and free from impurities and with the garantee of our experts, the product is delivered to the customer within the prescribed time limits, giving a personalized, serious and quality service.

Because our priority is our customers, Mecanizados Gumer SL.

Contact information

C/ Doctor Ferran (Pol. Ind. Bufalvent), 15-17 08243 Manresa (Barcelona), SPAIN

Telephone: (0034) 93 8739447

Fax: (0034) 93 3969384


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